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Larry Martin

Larry Martin

Larry's Private Practice

In private practice full time since 1992, Larry has appeared throughout the world at Expos and conventions, worked at People Magazine and over the Internet, in other magazines and radio, delivering phenomenal insights with an emphasis on success and need fulfillment. Degreed in psychology from the University of Dayton, Larry uses the knowledge of the ancients to answer 21st century problems with practical results.

 Location – Where is Larry?

In private practice full time since 1992, Larry has lived in a variety of places in the USA.

Larry is currently living in Arizona and won the award for Outstanding Work in Astrology and recently spoke at the World Conference in 2018. He’s a current member of the National Geocosmic Research organization and the International Society for Astrological Research.

Eclectic History!

In November of 1996 People Magazine asked him to write a new type of astrology column with his success oriented approach.

Through June 2000, his column Star Power was available in People Magazine’s Daily Page on the World Wide Web.

Thousands of readers enjoyed the Live Chats and inspiring messages that were part of a daily dose of empowerment.

“Star Power” continues today as “The Astrology News by Larry Martin” a monthly newsletter sent to private subscribers.

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Whether you’re just curious about astrology or are actively involved in working toward personal fulfillment, having a session that brings your birth chart to life can be an inspirational event.

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Skype: Larimar2710

Just wanted to thank you for the incredible work you did and the conversation. I’ve listened to it at least 10 times and will again.

MS, Student

You can now find Larry on

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